Please read all of the following important information before making your reservation as no exceptions will be made.

  • Entrance to the cafe is from £7 per person for up to one hour, this is not inclusive of refreshments.
  • Children must be over the age of 10 to enter the cafe. No exceptions will be made.
  • 10-15 year olds must have adult supervision at all times (1 adult to 2 children).
  • Maximum group size is 6 people. Please do not attempt to get around this by making multiple bookings as your booking may be cancelled.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your booking time. We do not have a waiting area.
  • If you wish to stay for more than one hour please make 2 bookings. We will join them together.
  • Please be aware that cats naturally sleep for 16 hours a day and may be sleepy during your visit. We cannot guarantee if one hour is more active than another.
  • Please be prepared to show your payment receipt (printed or on device) if necessary.
  • Please call or email to book with a gift voucher.
  • Only items purchased in the cafe may be consumed in the cafe.
  • If you do not receive confirmation from us immediately please send us an email and we will confirm your booking.

Terms and conditions of reservations

Please note that bookings will only be cancelled, rescheduled or amended up to 48 hours before the reserved slot. If a reservation has already been rescheduled, it can only be rescheduled again, not refunded. Reservations are transferable to other people.

To cancel, amend or reschedule an existing reservation please e-mail us:

All reservations must be pre-paid on our website or over the phone.


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Online Booking

From: £7.00