Cat Nannies: A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Cat Nanny at Maison de Moggy? Well the Nannies have put together a little Blog to tell you all about it!

“Playing with Cats all day must be amazing! It’s my dream job!”

There is way more to being a Cat Nanny than playing with the cats. We have already changed more litter trays today than you’ve had hot chocolates EVER!¬†

We are also the absolute masters of Extreme Waitressing. Can you carry a tray of hot drinks around avoiding: Philippe and Marcel wrestling at your feet; someone swinging a toy above your head; people on the floor; cat trees; keep Elodie away from the cake all while keeping a relaxed smile on your face? It sometimes feels like we are on some kind of hidden camera game show (hang on, is that what the cameras are for?!).

When we do finally get to eat lunch it is of course subject to the approval of the ILIP (The Independent Lunch Inspection Panel). Cats all over you? Excellent lunch choice. Not even Elodie interested? Must try harder.

Yes: we can recite the extensive menu by heart and could recite the house rules in our sleep: we can also tell any cats just from their meow (or poo) but please don’t ask how to get to your hotel…we are shamefully directionally challenged!

We get WAY too invested in the cats love lives. Guillaume totally loves Jacques, but remember that time Jacques headbumped Gui first?! And Amelie and Marcel have been snuggling a lot recently – is this a sign? Are Alain and Coco still a thing? So. Many. Questions.

Are you imagining looking smart to work? Nice black trousers? Think again! At some point you will be grooming 11 very fluffy cats (and possibly bathing a Bad Little Thing). You are going to be wearing half a cat by the end of the day!

Being a Cat Nanny never stops and even on our days off and holidays we are constantly in contact via our group chat. The breakdown of the group chat is as follows…


So how do you really know when you have made it as a Cat Nanny? Simple: The Paw Print. That cute Paw Print on your cappuccino might look simple but it takes MONTHS of practice. You’ll never get away with having a shaky hangover here!

The last part of the day before you head off is the Head Count. ¬†Just to make sure you’ve got everyone and no one is stuck in the loo! You get to 10, or was it 12? Have you counted Seabass twice? OK, count again by breed? One Sphynx, three Ragdolls, two Norwegians, one Chinchilla, one Sphynx…wait, did I already count her? Ok, lets start over…

And that’s it! Being a Cat Nanny becomes a way of life as we care so much for our furry family: no one ever finds it hard to come to work <3